But Square.

Satisfy All 9000
Taste Buds.

Introducing a deliciously unique pre-filled rechargeable disposable vaping device
guaranteed to last all day and get your taste buds firing on all cylinders.

Gold Tobacco


Arctic Menthol


1.9 inches

Up to 3500 Puffs

With built-in auto temperature controls, the DISQ ensures you’ll always get the proper puff while protecting you from potentially harmful burnt or dry hits.


Rechargeable & disposable

Auto temp control

#SuckMyDISQ Wearables.

Worn primarily by our staff at the yearly Las Vegas Trade Show, our most popular t-shirts are now
available for purchase by the general public, including the infamous “Suck My Disq” T-shirt.

Made by Vapers
for Vapers.

To maximize flavor profiles, the DISQ has perfected its already exceptional cotton wick to absorb, heat, and vaporize the liquid and only the liquid at just the right temperature. We are very excited to introduce this top-shelf cotton!


The rechargeable disposable DISQ has an 8mL capacity and comes ready-charged with 3500 puffs.

The Wick

Our newest generation of wick is engineered to deliver the purest flavor.

Limited supplies available.

Dramatically enhance your inconspicuous consumption with the
very best disposable DISQ assortment, only while supplies last.