The DISQ supports a flavorful assortment of pre-filled disposable pods and is formulated to last as long as you do.

The next generation of vaping is here.

The best all-in-one vaping system you’ll ever need.

A Flawless Vaping Experience

“I get a lot of design inspiration from my background as an electrical engineer; It was my mission to design a device that was virtually flawless; a device that gave users no reason to use any other device. An easy to use, powerful lightweight device that delivers the perfect experience with quality made pods. My intention was to elevate the market—not copycat what was already out there.”

We’re designing the perfect Pod system with a commitment to holistically overhaul and reposition the vaping experience.

The DISQ is smart. No pesky or cumbersome buttons to push, the DISQ automatically regulates heat to maximize the perfect puff, ensuring you never get a dry or burnt hit. Our advanced high capacity 1.2mL Pod system consists of ceramic or aluminium coil system to amply flavour and elevate your experience. Coupled with a long-lasting battery capable of charging with or without wires. In addition, the DISQ prevents tampering from children with our 2-step pod removal system.

What's under the hood?

– Suction activated
– Tap functionality
– Auto regulated heat control
– Stealth mode
– Long lasting battery
– Supports wireless charging
– Tamper-resistant

Smoke-Free Pod System

– Pre-filled pods
– Advanced high capacity up to 1.2mL pod system
– Aluminium or ceramic coil
– Soft tip mouthpiece
– No leaks. No Mess. Guaranteed.

Commitment to Environment

The DISQ and our team recognize we have a corporate and individual responsibility to the environment, and take pride in constantly seeking out opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal is to continuously reduce our environmental impact and be a green leader in the vaping industry. These are just some of the ways the DISQ is embracing sustainability.

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2661 Simons Hollow Road, Conyngham, PA, 18219

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